Nine Reasons to Buy a House Right Now

Nine Reasons to Buy a House Right Now

Source: RealtyTimes  

If you’re in the market to buy a home, then now might be the perfect time to seal the deal on your purchase, as there are several conditions working in the favor of home buyers. Firstly, gains in home prices have slowed down and mortgage rates historically remain low. Furthermore, loan requirements are softening, and with fewer buyers around the holidays, there could be less competition and more bargaining power for buyers.

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Why It’s So Hard for Millennials to Find a Place to Live and Work

Why It’s So Hard for Millennials to Find a Place to Live and Work

Source: The Atlantic


Young people looking to launch their careers often are forced to choose between a place with affordable housing but little upward mobility versus a region with strong upward mobility and scarce affordable housing. The Atlantic notes that “When good jobs for the middle class and affordable homes are living in different cities, it represents a slow-motion splintering of the American Dream.” It presents a problem for the livelihood of Americans that affordable homes cluster in the cities with lower wages and less upwardly mobile families.


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MLSListings Real Estate & Housing Update: October 2014

 Silicon Valley Real Estate Median Price Continues to Rise 

 In all reported counties – Monterey, San Benito, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz – we are seeing the story play out in the prices.

Year-over-year sales of single family homes show some of the highest median prices of the year. San Mateo leads the climb with a 16% increase over last year, followed closely by Santa Clara up 13%, Monterey up 12%, Santa Cruz up 11% and San Benito up 5%.

Total dollars sold for single family homes are also up. With the sale of a $31M+ home in Monterey, the county saw an increase in total dollars of more than 75% over October 2013. Santa Cruz has the next highest jump at a 16%, followed by Santa Clara up 9%, San Benito up 7% and San Mateo up only 2%.

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Help for mortgage seekers who don’t fit the mold

Help for Homebuyers who don’t conform to the current lending climate.

Due to the impact of federal rule changes, it can be difficult for potential homeowners to qualify for a
mortgage if they don’t conform to all the underwriting mandates on credit, income, debt-to-income ratio
and other criteria. To service these buyers, a new segment of the mortgage market has begun taking
shape: “non-Qualified Mortgage” or non-QM lending. Interest rates are typically higher.

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